Kabanchik is a marketplace of services ordering

2 MM+
users visit the website monthly

70 K
orders are created monthly

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About Kabanchik

Kabanchik covers more than 1 ths. types of work and has a large base of specialists. Millions of Ukrainians find masters here to solve household problems: to clean an apartment, to fix a faucet or a washing machine, to install an air conditioning and more.

Construction, decoration works, consumer electronics repair, furniture works, services of plumbers, electricians, etc — it’s a huge offline market.

Kabanchik solves problems, related to the interaction between customers and masters:

  • Masters no longer have to be searched offline or on different websites. They are collected online in one place.
  • No confusion about the cost of services. The customer sees the market price calculated by our algorithm.
  • No need to worry about the master’s competence. Each master has a rating and feedback from other customers.

The platform helps to digitalize the offline services market and makes the interaction process as simple as possible: the customer describes the problem, the service prompts the price, and selects a master. On Kabanchik it takes 2 to 3 minutes to create a request, and 2 to 30 minutes to select a master.