Zakupki.Prom is the largest platform for B2B and B2G procurment

average savings in procurements

the monthly number of tenders from commercial companies

3 the average number of participants in a procurement

the average price increase in sales

4 the average number of participants in lease or sale auctions

About Zakupki.Prom

It is an online platform for procurement, selling, and leasing. Tenders and sales are held through an auction. Private and public companies can participate as buyers, suppliers, tenants, and landlords.

Auctions are of different type and complexity. Might be adapted for the company procedures. The service allows team work on auctions, including such roles as supervisor, approval specialist, initiator, financial controller.

The service accumulates data and provides analytics, allowing management to see various dashboards and perform high level of procurement supervision.

Key features of the platform:

  • the transparent and digital procurement process;
  • savings achieved through open competition between suppliers;
  • digitalization allows to optimize procurement team;
  • opportunity to compare prices and choose the most advantageous commercial offer;
  • easy-to-use cloud interface (SAAS).