Who we are

EVO is a Ukrainian product
IT company

15 years
in the e-commerce
specialists in
the team

EVO is a dominant leader in the Ukrainian e-commerce market.

Our mission is to create opportunities for the development of entrepreneurship.
We make marketplaces for online shopping and ordering services: Prom, Satu, Bigl, IZI, Kabanchik, Shafa, Made with bravery.
We are developing fintech and logistics.


Prom is the largest marketplace in Ukraine



Shafa is C2C fashion marketplace

Kabanchik is a marketplace of services ordering

EVO Fintech is a set of financial services which improve the buying process

IZI is a classified platform for buying and selling goods

Made with bravery — marketplace of Ukrainian goods with delivery abroad

Help Volunteer - a platform that unites Ukrainian volunteers and all those who care to help

Pidmoha.gov.ua - a platform where you can find volunteers for debris removal and building restoration

About EVO

  • EVO projects grow on average twice as fast as the market
  • Every online buyer in Ukraine has used EVO products at least once
  • Over 500 K companies in Ukraine are using EVO products
  • Full set of programming languages and technologies
  • Products of different complexity, for different market segments - C2C, B2C, B2B, and B2G

outstaff &

We are ready to share with our expertise in e-commerce related segments, launching marketplaces, logistic, B2B services, fintech products.

Outstaff is selling the resource (time) of the person (team) to fulfill the customer’s tasks. During the work on the tasks our specialist (team) becomes a part of client’s team. We offer such service on the Ukrainian and international markets.

Solution provider is selling a turnkey project. We sell ready-to-go solutions based on our experience and expertise. And adapt the project to a certain market.


PaySpace Magazine Awards

Prom — 4 times in the TOP-3 of the best marketplaces, 2016 — the winner

Shafa — the best marketplace in 2017

Kabanchik — 4 times in the TOP-3 of the best marketplaces

SUP Awards

EVO — the award “Deal of the Year”  2018



Denys Gorovyi, co-founder EVO, CEO EVO Forbes.ua, Telegraf.com.ua, Liga.net (in English)